ANGRY BIRDS / Chillingo / PSP

As a longtime gamer (I'll sidestep the term "hardcore" here), it's hard to criticize Angry Birds without coming off as an elitist twat. It's really one of those critic-proof games, with the simple BUT LOOK HOW MUCH IT SOLD EVERYONE LOVES IT countering any flaws you might point out. For whatever it's worth, I'd never played it before trying out the PSP Minis version, and to me the game was so mind-numbingly simplistic and repetitive that I was already tired of it after about ten minutes of play. I'm not judging anyone for liking it, I'm just saying. It doesn't do it for me. It often seems more a matter of random guesswork than any kind of skill or strategy, and adding more complexity in the later levels just means Moar Guessing And Repetition. I guess I can see why the average non-gamer would be drawn in by the clean colorful lines and self-explanatory simplicity of it, but if Rovio really thinks they're going to take over gaming with this Flash game crap in the long run, maybe the ink fumes from their piles of cash have given them brain damage. And oh lord, that obnoxious chattering bird sound effect that's constantly playing. Who thought that was a good idea.

More to the point, apparently something is rotten with this PSP port. The game was originally designed for smartphone touchscreens, and something of that precision has apparently been lost in conversion to the use of the PSP analog nub. There's also serious lag sometimes in the levels with complex structures to knock down. There's really no excuse for lag in a game this small and simplistic, shit programming can be the only culprit.

It's hard to even bother criticizing the game when they're only asking $1 for it on an app store ... $5 or $10 for it is absolutely ridiculous though.

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* Never knew Rovio was headed by the Unabomber. What a tweest.

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