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4 / 20 / 2017


Hey, the Punisher is back in the air again after many long years, thanks to this upcoming Netflix series (and also probably thanks to Deadpool). Seems a good excuse to delve into his gaming back catalog. The Punisher (PS2, 4/5) is widely regarded as his best game -- "Max Payne with torture porn" is a fair description of it, but it's better than just that. We also have the 1990 DOS game The Punisher (2/5), which was part of a small early wave of trying to do open-world games on computers that didn't quite work out (see also The Terminator, Robocop 3). It's at least interesting, but it's nothing but a pain to actually play.


4 / 3 / 2017




♫ OHHH YEAAAH! I CAN SLAP A TOMATOOO! I CAN DRY HUMP THE SEA YEAHHH ... ♫ oh, hullo. Rasslin' it up with WWE Day of Reckoning (Gamecube, 4/5) today. Still maybe the best overall character creation, plus the gameplay is a virtual copy of AKI's beloved system. 


3 / 30 / 2017


All we are is dust in the wind, dude :/

In honor of the upcoming Bill and Ted 3 we've got Bill and Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure (NES, 2/5), which was par for the course as far as LJN's NES output ... also got Yo! Joe! (Amiga, 3/5), an obscure platformer that turns out to be pretty decent.



3 / 26 / 2017



Hey, new reviews finally. Suikoden V (PS2, 4/5) ended up being the last mainline entry in Konami's cult strategy-RPG series, and probably the last Suikoden we'll ever see, although if Shenmue 3 can get released I guess you should never completely give up hope on anything.


3 / 24 / 2017


We're pleased to debut the Startup Screen Power Rankings, because why should ESPN have all the fun? Since we can't do comments here, feel free to argue and tussle over how your nostalgic childhood favorite got hosed over at Facebook instead.


3 / 6 / 2017


Woo, finally, an update! I don't know what it is about the winter months anymore but I always seem to be at my Extra Brokest during this time and the site consequently suffers. Today's a good one though. Remember that Gaming For A Living mega-article I introduced some time ago then promptly forgot about? Well, the great work continues starting today with the latest segment, Professional Competitive Gaming. Learn all the ways you can play in tournaments, leagues and etc. to make your living pwning nubs. Well, if you're like basically a savant at the game anyway and also willing to practice about 22 hours each day. We've dug up some lighter-duty stuff too, though, for those looking for something a little less intense.


2 / 19 / 2017


Taking the stage tonight we've got a double feature. For our warm-up act, Comedy Quest (3/5), a freeware tale of the early days of a young stand-up comedian's career. Then for our feature act, Motorhead (Amiga, 2/5)! Except the band will not be playing any of their beloved songs, instead it will just be Munchkin Lemmy beating up randos in Double Dragon style. Enjoy!


2 / 8 / 2017



Waaaaarriors, come out to updaaaate! Beat-em-ups today with the PC Engine (Turbo Duo CD) version of Double Dragon 2 (3/5) and The Warriors (3/5) for PS2.


2 / 3 / 2017


Wee-wees and ta-tas, we got a little something for every taste today with pervy and goofy PC titles Boob Wars (1/5) and Dan Dolme (0/5)


1 / 24 / 2017


Big time classic RPG / adventure update today. Final Fantasy IV for DS (3/5) is the first polygonal remake of the game and has since been ported to the PC as a digital download ... while not bad and mostly faithful to the original, I don't feel like it's a better experience than either the SNES original or the enhanced 2D PSP remake. And all this time I've thought that we already had a review of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES, 5/5) up ... to my surprise we didn't! Nice catch by Steve, and I had a good time playing it through again since it's been over a decade for me and I forgot where most of the heart pieces and optional items were. Finally, we've got Sega's crack at a Zelda-alike, Golden Axe Warrior (Master System, 3/5). The core gameplay is pretty basic and it doesn't really have much to do with Golden Axe aside from airlifting in some enemies, but it's very polished and really pretty good, certainly a must for Master System aficionados.


1 / 19 / 2017


A little arcadey sports action to liven up a dreary Thursday. Battle Soccer (SNES, 1/5) is in the vein of Mega Man Soccer, just with Banpresto characters like Godzilla and Ultraman ... sadly it's nowhere near what it could have been due to control and AI issues. Blades of Steel (Arcade, 3/5), on the other hand, is about as unrealistic as hockey gets yet it's fun if you take it for what it is (and make peace with scoring 20-30 goals every game).


1 / 15 / 2017



Party mang! Party ma-aaang! I happened to catch the original Tim Burton Batman movie on TV recently ... man, has that not held up well at all outside of Jack Nicholson. I was so pumped seeing it in the theater as a little kid too. Little kids have awful taste.

Fortunately, the games that movie spawned have actually held up fairly decently on the whole, spearheaded by Sunsoft's licensed efforts. Even the weirdest one, the maze-chase Batman for the Turbografx (3/5), is actually pretty fun and has nice chiptunes. Unfortunately, our other update today comes from the late '90s and does not fare so well -- I've never seen the Batman Beyond (N64, 1/5) cartoon, but Kemco did a real low-energy job with the licensed beat-em-up they made with it.


1 / 10 / 2017


A double order of fantasy hack-and-slash today, with extra blood and guts. The Astyanax (Arcade, 2/5) is the spiritual follow-up to The Legendary Axe, which had a sequel made by a different team ... the original team was poached by Jaleco to make this game instead! Moonstone: A Hard Day's Knight (Amiga, 3/5) is a cult classic that is basically the Dark Souls of party games.


1 / 5 / 2017


We had a nice long stretch there where it seemed like the cyberpunk vision of the future was an outmoded and quaint relic of the 80s. Welp. Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, democratic government is on the wane, and gigantic multinationals are getting access to even more power than before ... maybe a good time to give Snow Crash a re-read just in case.

On that theme today, we got the specifically Japanesey vision of the techno-dystopian future with Shin Megami Tensei II (SNES, 3/5), a dungeon-crawler that mixes demons in with your cyberin', and Night Striker (Arcade, 2/5), which is one of the relatively few attempts by any other company to ape Sega's Super Scaler technology.


1 / 1 / 2017


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We're ringing in the new year with the beautiful bad girl of the Dreamcast library, Jet Set Radio (PC, 2/5) -- aka Jet Grind Radio in the original North America Dreamcast release. Since the snow is coming in and it's that season, we've also got the fun little now-freeware game SkiFree (PC, 3/5), something of a cult Windows classic.



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